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Luke! Luke! Don’t! It’s a trap! It’s a trap!

A former high school teacher in Alabama got five years in prison for three counts of second-degree rape of a minor.

Two members of a heroin ring in Wisconsin got sentences of 30 months and 21 months.

An Illinois man got three years in prison and four years of extended supervision for killing his passenger after drunkenly crashing his car into a tree.

Two men in Massachusetts were sentenced to nine to 10 years and five to seven years, respectively, for kidnapping and torturing a woman.

Why then is a teen found with marijuana brownies facing a life sentence? (via micdotcom)

J:  Because the fucking judge is owned by the for profit prison system and big pharma not to mention the fuckwitted cops who profit from this phony drug war.  Plus, the kid has 30 good years or more to donate to a system we, the tax payer are billed for.  Keep voting Republican and not one thing will change for the better but it will get a lot worse.

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